David Irvin


Web Developer

Quick Bio

I'm passionate about creating great user experiences through tasteful and intuitive UIs that look stunning on both desktop and mobile screens. Even though my focus is on front-end development, I still took the time to immerse myself in backend technologies so I could build full-stack applications for my clients who need them.

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Skills and Qualifications

My other valuable skills include...

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • APIs
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • JSON Web Token
  • SCSS preprocessor
  • Domain registry
  • Web Hosting

My History

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I'm a classically trained musician who earned a degree in classical guitar performance, and a former chef of fine dining restaurants. Both of these skills contribute to my ability to understand user experience in a fundamental way.

My previous experience studying music gave me an eye for detail that allows me to spot errors in code, as well as create pixel-perfect layouts. This comes from years of analyzing musical scores for the slightest marks of ink on the page that can convey a completely different meaning. I also learned the value of presenting polished works to my audience through hours of honing and perfecting my craft.

In the chef world, I had to learn how to communicate quickly and effectively with my team to get the desired results. In the kitchen everything is "on-the-fly" and every deadline is immediate! Working in fine-dining gave me the ability to take something as chaotic as a bustling kitchen, and display it in a neat, beautiful package to deliver to the guests, and do it hundreds of times a night.

Web Development and Me


The pandemic unfortunately left me jobless almost immediately. But this was the perfect opportunity I needed to transition into a career with longevity and stability, even in an uncertain ecomony.

I took it upon myself to learn web development, and I knew I wanted to focus on front-end. I taught myself with the help of many online courses, bootcamps, and tutorials until I became adept in best practices using modern CSS, JavaScript, and one of the most in-demand front-end frameworks: React.js.

My learning continues every day. I'm always looking for new tricks and tips, and building constantly, even if they are only personal projects for my own development. Aside from that, I have had a handful of real-world clients that I was able to help build websites for, and it has been extremely rewarding.

Ultimately, I would like to join a team of developers so I can advance to the next stage of my new career.

Hobbies and Interests

Food has always been a passion of mine. When I was young I used to crack open my grandmother's cookbook and proceed to make a giant mess in the kitchen trying to recreate her famous fudge recipe, or bake a loaf of bread. I love playing with food science, and making complex recipes from scratch. Some of my favorite celebrity chefs are Alton Brown, Anthony Bourdain, and Marco Pierre White.


Ever since I found my father's old guitar in a closet one day, I was smitten by the instrument and music in general. The mainstream industry doesn't really hold my attention, but I always acknowledge the classics (and instant classics) while searching for the deep-cuts, or the hidden gems. My favorite part of going to church as a child was the hymns, especially around Christmas time. Learning the depths of music theory was fun for me where it would send the average person begging for calculus.


Sports and games of skill are my forte. I'm a halfway decent bowler, and in my prime I could hustle 9-ball with the best of my local pool hall. Now, I'm bent on becoming an adequate golfer no matter how many putters I break! I don't always put up the best scores but on my good days I can smack a 300 yard drive. My goal is to one day shoot an 80 or less on a regulation 18, but that's a long way off. I'm just happy if I can get a couple hours out on the golf course.


Growing up, video games were always my favorite escape. We had an original NES in the garage and my brother and I would take turns playing Mario 3 with all the neighbor kids. When I finally got my first gameboy I played Pokemon Red ad nauseam, and I still get the occasional nostalgia about it. Now that I have a gaming PC, I still find myself playing older classics like Halo and Minecraft, but my favorite games right now are Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario Maker 2